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1. Ranson criteria for pancreatitis
On admission:
Glucose > 10
Age > 55
LDH > 350
AST > 250
WCC > 16000

During next 48 hours:
Calcium < 2
Hematocrit decrease > 10%
Oxygen < 8
Urea increase > 10
Base deficit > 4
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5. What is Stauffers syndrome?
Abnormal LFTs with renal cell carcinoma. They normalise when the tumour is removed. (paraneoplastic syndrome)
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7. Nerve innervation of rectum
Above dentate
Pelvic splanchnic nerve
Superior rectal artery
Hemorrhoids not painful
Internal iliac lymph node

Below dentate
Pudental nerve
Inferior rectal artery
Hemorrhoids painful
Superficial inguinal lymph node
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Keywords: acute lung injury, systemic sepsis, multi-organ failure, non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema
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